One of a Kind Art Pieces.

When you purchase a painting, it is taken out of circulation so your art is one of a kind.

Welcome to the Abstract Gardener

Here you will find a most unusual form of mathematical art. Several years ago I set out to explore my own way to use mathematics for the creation of fine art. I began by constructing a large computer program, a project that is ongoing, that uses linked sets of algebraic equations to hybridize and transform my digital photographs into fascinating digital paintings. I control the equations using numbers so that the equations become my brushes and paint. I am continually adding new equation sets and it has become for me an extremely exciting exploration of a virtual image world. I truly feel like a photographer on an alien planet. Please enjoy the large collection of images here. Know that if you wish to hang one of these images in your home or business that I guarantee that you will own an exclusive piece of art, just as if it was painted by hand.

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